About the Artist


A Devotion To Passion

Ganna Halvorsen is an artist whose multi-faceted creative force has manifested itself in the perceivably contrasting arenas of the corporate business world and the aesthetically focused environment of fine art. Born into a Crimean family whose wealth was measured in the spirit of love and family unity rather than any form of financial or material value, Ganna realized at a very early age that she was a natural artist, and would spend hours in her “secret art studio” honing her abilities, and nurturing a latent talent that would later blossom as a passionate ability to conjure the most beautiful of images from paint onto canvas. Ganna eventually excelled in the art of business, and after attaining both an MBA and Law Degree in the United States, achieved great success in the renewable energy industry. Her deeper passion, however, was her art; pure, passionate, and centered around the principle of delicate grace, it was always calling her, and eventually the voice became impossible for Ganna to ignore, and she began to paint in earnest in in the periods between her other commitments. Ganna gradually began to allow her passion to flourish freely and as well as portraiture, romance and environmental presentations, Ganna has created a series of extraordinary hyper-realistic works, abstract pieces, and studies in land and seascapes that realize detail from an almost molecular perspective and blur the lines between photography, painting and imaginary special effect.


Ganna Halvorsen has established herself as a popular contemporary artist whose creations are immediately accessible, beautifully executed, and appeal to a variety of tastes and design requirements. Her recent clients include Mirror Media Group, Santa Monica, California, West Central Produce Corporate Offices, Los Angeles, California, First Bank, California, Electronic Arts, Playa Vista, California, as well as numerous private collectors and afficianados including Anthony Hopkins, Edward van Halen, and François Pinault. Ganna Halvorsen is invariably the top-selling artist in any group show that she participates in, due in part to the simple, but striking, beauty of her fine artwork.  

Ganna lives by an artistic philosophy centered on a triad of truth, beauty and good. She hopes that you enjoy her artwork and would love to hear any comments and feedback that you may like to share with her.


Artist Statement 

As an artist I believe that my creative force and points of artistic inspiration are a subconscious culmination of the myriad of events, some good, some less so, that life has, thus far, presented me with. I imprint love and emotion into my art and hope that these sentiments are present to you when you view my artwork.

All my paintings are original oil on canvas executed with attention to detail, a swathe of traditional brush strokes, sometimes textured in thick oil, sometimes smooth – whatever I feel the emotion of the subject demands. This style is intended to surprise the viewer and create the feeling of appreciation for the high quality fine art that posses a unique but accessible quality. I do not use any digital tricks. All my artwork comes from imagination and inspiration from various life experiences. 

I am especially intrigued by transparency and delivery of such in oil paintings. I am intrigued by so much that the universe avails to us all as sources of inspiration and I love to challenge myself by painting commonplace objects captured in quotidian circumstances with a focus on creating moments frozen in time. I want my artwork to offer a unique perspective of picture-perfect photo-realism with a distinctly classic aesthetic tone.

I appreciate your time in viewing my artwork and trust that should you wish to adorn either your home or work environment with any of my pieces you will have years of pleasure and satisfaction from your investment.